The hottest fetish material ever is latex! But this material needs love and our Miss Fabelhaft has a lot to offer. This time you will find extensive material, care and product tips in our product video.

What are the differences in latex? How do you find your optimal favorite pieces? How do you get them dressed, cleaned, cared for and stored in order to enjoy this special material for a long time? How was that again with powder or oil? Does latex really tolerate oils and fats? Do you wash by hand or can you actually do it in the washing machine? And of course we also show a very special treasure, such as the legendary vacuum bed made of latex, which represents a dream of breathlessness and immobility for real fetishists.

By the way: You will find a huge selection of clothing from different designers and manufacturers in our store. Unfortunately not in the online shop, as it really makes sense to try these pieces on. A visit to us is worthwhile in many ways. We also carry packaged goods, especially the simple, dipped version, in the online shop .

Whatever you decide, latex fits skin-tight, brings out all the benefits perfectly and conjures up a dream body when you find the perfect piece for you.

Incidentally, this shoot has also become extremely sexy. Even beyond the credits.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with our Miss Fabelhaft, who has a very, very big heart for this material:

Strap on! Miss Fabelhaft recommends strap-on dildos

If you can spot something like a “sex trend”, it’s the game with strap-on dildos. More and more couples are discovering the strap-on for themselves and are experiencing very intense moments with it. The roles are swapped every now and then, women clearly show their active side and the men enjoy a completely new experience: namely how great it can be to be taken from time to time. Of course, women also use a strap-on dildo with one another. But first it’s about the willing, screwed man and his prostate. She is very happy about strap-ons and thanks you with completely new, intense orgasms.

Our top recommendations for high-quality strap-ons come from German production and will last for a lifetime. The manufacturer of this leather harness has developed the optimal models and we will put together a SET for you here in the store, preferably a SET that exactly matches your wishes. (Attention online shop buyers: dildo inserts are not yet included with this model!)

Many dildo briefs or complete sets are also available. These can be practicable and inexpensive variants. However, in this product area it is not uncommon for the quality to suffer with every euro saved. Therefore, please check carefully whether you meet the important criteria:

what is the fit and material like?

Does the thing rub uncomfortably on the skin?

Will it provide me with a really useful penis replacement?

or are the briefs too light and too loose to hold the dildo stable?

And above all: is it in the right place or much too high?

Unfortunately, this is exactly what is often the case. After all, you screw from your hip, not your belly button.

The dildo should sit as deep as possible like its real model.

Just as important: Can I change dildo inserts according to my wishes?

Our insider tip: matching sexy stockings for curvy women

Hand on heart: curvy women outside the standardized SL clothing sizes often search unsuccessfully for sexy lingerie and clothing or are used to simply reaching for the largest available size. Just in the hope that it will somehow fit. Hold-ups and suspender stockings are no exception. Therefore, today my insider tip for all women who want to finally find the right stocking (at a normal, even low price!) Due to leg length or lush curves.

Ask in our lingerie department specifically about the ” Glamory My Size ” series. Glamory specializes in the production of “oversize” hosiery. We just ignore this terrible word generously. (Whoever came up with the concept of the notorious “plus sizes” should burn hungry in hell forever, but that shouldn’t be the problem today, after all, it’s about positive solutions, not body shaming).

So the glamory stockings. They are your new friends and that’s because of the perfect fit. Because here the usual clothing sizes (40-60) also correspond to reality. Every day I experience that customers have found the right brand, but are well conditioned to reach for the largest size. And everyone is happy if I take them to the shelf again, advise a smaller size and still promise that nothing will slip or be ridiculously short at knee height.

Regardless of whether you have an extremely long or a lush leg: the Glamorys reach almost step-height and do not have to be measured with an allowance. (The only small exception, self-tested: the fishnet stocking with lace ends is just a little too small. All other models, especially the 60 DEN opaque, are perfect in quality and regular fit. And right among us, thrifty, sexy bed sisters: they last and are many washes pretty indestructible, if they are not rudely torn from a woman’s leg. Depending on the model, they are priced at 6.95 € for the simplest suspender stocking, up to for the hold-up models. And of course you will also find crotchless tights .

Two models are currently available in the online shop , the larger selection can be found in our shop.

So, you can cross the problem of stockings off the annoying lingerie list, that’s solved. We will continue to take care of everything else. We currently carry bra cups from “Cury Kate” to J / K, bras from “Gossard” are currently in the running for chest sizes up to 100. And the “Orion Plus Collection” is convincing this spring with great lingerie and cuts that definitely fit up to size 50 with 3XL. So come by and try it on, we look forward to seeing you!

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