We look forward to new pictures in our gallery and the upcoming vernissage on June 16, 2019! The Georgian artist Megi Balzer presents “The Real And The Abstract”, selected works from her studio, the erotic tension of which results from the interplay Dominatrix London of figurative nude painting and abstraction.

With expressively flowing lines and paint application, sometimes finely designed details and the occasional inclusion of the third dimension in a painting, her artistic imagination finds an appealing expression. Megi Balzer is always on the lookout for the new, creative development is an essential element of her work. The basis for this is her extensive knowledge of a wide variety of artistic techniques, which she acquired during a six-year university course in Georgia. In her works she often brings together different working techniques and also art forms. For example, she incorporates graphic or painterly elements into her print work and likes to combine painting with literature and music. Megi Balzer lives and works in Reinfeld (Schleswig-Holstein). Her works are represented in numerous international collections. She is happy to pass on her skills in courses and individual lessons and is also happy to receive commissioned work.

Nude painting is an important aspect of her work, which many successful exhibitions attest. With the selection of works “The Real And The Abstract” Megi Balzer shows us combinations of representational and abstract painting that are well worth seeing. Looking at the pictures several times opens up new perspectives and offers changing impressions of colors and shapes. An exhibition awaits us with works full of erotic tension that we would like to Dominatrix London delve into.

The vernissage will be musically accompanied by Frank & Wolf (saxophone, guitar). We look forward to Megi Balzer and all visitors who would like to celebrate this afternoon with us over Prosecco and beautiful impressions.

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