Our current product video is a little homage to pure fetish! Opinions differ on masks. For some they are right at the entrance to the bizarre Dominatrix London hell, others appreciate what masks can do.

And that’s a lot! Masks provide immunity. They take personality, but also give protection and stability. You can hide in it, but you can also find your deepest soul. They throw us back on us and bring fears or longings out of us. In the case of active and passive people, masks can move a lot and there would probably be no one better than our colleague Ernst, who, as a true fetishist, knows how to find the right words for all these special passions. And yes – it also makes you touching with a lot of emotionality. Even if you haven’t had a noteworthy affinity to masks – after this video at least there will be a keen interest in it, which can hardly be avoided …

And last but not least: which practices are actually possible with masks? Which materials are recommended, which equipment can we offer in Boutique Bizarre?

Sensory deprivation is called the restriction of our senses, for which masks are of course perfect. See, hear, taste, smell, feel…. what happens if you either reduce or focus on these sensory impressions?

Whether you are into smooth, shiny latex, or leather, as the good old animal skin that we put on ourselves and that already seems familiar with its smell and its feel … whether gas masks, funnel masks, whether for insulation, filling or sensory restriction … .

Our selection in the boutique Bizarre on the Reeperbahn is enormous and leaves nothing to be desired.

This time, in the current product video, everything revolves around sex machines. Around the large, technical equipment, which some visitors to our boutique seem rather un-erotic, others use them quite deliberately. Who actually uses fuck (penetration) machines and why? Mainly couples who really enjoy experimenting, which is why we also talk about the kinks behind them in the video, in addition to technical details and possible uses.

And who would be better suited for this special topic than our colleague Ernst, whom we always send to the front of the camera when we shoot TV formats or when the latest “shopping queen” is to be chosen?

So today you are welcome to follow him into our back cellar catacombs and let us tell you a few things about sex machines in a sympathetic and understandable way, you may even be inspired. Because without question, fucking machines are only cold and / or un-erotic at first glance. In truth, they offer many, highly erotic possibilities and offer – especially sexually active couples – a completely new, exciting playground, the 2nd active man, without any thoughts of jealousy, or the perfect means for living voyeurism.

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