Bare skin wherever you look. Painted beauties shine in a colorful sea of ​​colors of interpretable symbolism and light irony. When the Dutch artist Maaike Dirkx wants to give us something, it is a carefree moment that is detached from any bias. We feel that in our hearts when we stand in front of their pictures like children and are amazed. A new yet familiar world that we are drawn into.

Maaike Dirkx seduces us with playful sensuality into a cheerful world of oil-painted eroticism and candy-colored consumer goods. With a wink and lots of charm, the “Flakes Girls” cast a spell over us. The Dutch artist uses sensual irony to help female sexuality achieve more self-determination and at the same time gives the viewer a colorful moment of lightheartedness.

The artist uses the irresistible charm of the pin-up as well as the tempting design elements of advertising of our time.

Everything about erotic gels, oils & sprays

It’s the special little helpers that increase pleasure or make sex sensual and special. There is now a huge market for massage oils, lubricants, but also special sprays and tinctures that can do more than you might initially think. However, you stand in front of a large wall of pretty packaging and keep asking yourself: “What on earth is this product intended for?”

Don’t worry, help is coming! We have taken on the large area of ​​these super helpers and give an entertaining overview of our product range. And what kind of setting could make this topic more entertaining than the illusion of a TV sales show that one follows almost paralyzed? Maybe we just “got the hell out of it” during this shoot, you don’t really know. It has become a mix of satirical viewing of sales channels and the great, wide sea of ​​erotic stimulants.

For 30 years the boutique Bizarre has been an institution in the Kiez and throughout Hamburg. Located directly on the Reeperbahn, it is much more than just a shop for adult entertainment. With the friendly white facade and an open and modern ambience, the boutique has long since become a crowd puller for everyone. While it is not uncommon for there to be only one woman for every ten male customers in classic sex shops, the proportion of female customers in the Bizarre boutique is far higher, at around 50%. Many couples are also happy to be inspired here.

Even the current situation could not affect the boutique Bizarre after 30 years. On the contrary. “Since Corona, people have made themselves comfortable at home and let their imaginations run wild”, says Managing Director Kay Arnold. “We noticed that above all from the fact that fetish items, i.e. clothing made of lacquer and leather, are in great demand. And by the way, we already had masks in our range before Corona, ”he adds jokingly.

From once around 20 sex shops on the Reeperbahn alone, only six are left today. The Bizarre boutique is not only the largest erotic department store in Hamburg, but in all of Europe. When it was founded in 1990, hardly anyone would have thought that what started out as a small shop for very special requests would one day develop into the largest business of its kind.

At that time, the Bizarre boutique was still a small offshoot of the Erotica department store, which had been set up in the former premises of the “Dietrich Menke coffee house” at No. 35 Reeperbahn. In 1998 Kay Arnold took over the management. At first he continued to run the shop unchanged. At that time, there was even a peep show in the premises as a subtenant. But that ended in 2002. Kay Arnold wanted to become more modern and thus open up to a broader target group.

The peepshow was thrown out and the store was completely rebuilt in cooperation with the Vienna architecture firm BEHF. A modern erotic department store was created that you can enter without inhibitions or shyness. No sealed doors or plastic curtains, but open, bright and tidy – since then the shop has only been presented under the name Boutique Bizarre. On 1,400 square meters there are four departments that leave nothing to be desired – from classic toys to fetish accessories to elegant corsages, there is something for everyone. There is even a gallery in the shop, in which constantly changing vernissages and exhibitions of erotic art take place.

In the current video, Ernst threw himself into his tuxedo to even come close to doing justice to the magical creature at his side. Because: Mascha is packed and tied up today, some like to do that with ropes, but our newcomer Rigging Raven will take over this part on the next shoot . Today the aim is to introduce you to ready-made sets with which perfect body restraints can be carried out quickly, effectively and in a few simple steps.

Without a doubt, this video by our Boutique Bizarre team is particularly pleasing to the eye, so enjoy the beautiful views. We had a lot of fun while shooting, which is also reflected in the outtakes at the end of the film. And of course all the products shown are available from us. 

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