Safe, healthy and consensual is the triptych that describes the condition for what happens when one decides to enter into a love experience. Fetish and Black London Mistress sex games have only come to the fore in the last decade. In the past, if you liked leather and role playing, it was not very easy for you to reveal it, let alone find the person with whom you could share your kinky experience.

Today, whether you are kinky or vanilla, you can express yourself openly and share the pleasures you love comfortably.

Let’s go see the most popular kinky gay pleasures together, learn the terms and concepts that we do not grumble and get ideas

Kinky & Fetish

Something that is kinky is not the same as something that is fetish. The two concepts are different. “Kinky” refers more to a situation that one likes, to an experience one enters, while “fetish” refers to an object or specific details, such as body parts. Generally, a kink chooses an unconventional sexual pleasure (eg spanking, bondage, etc.). On the other hand, a fetishist focuses on a specific stimulus (eg legs, asphyxiating masks, leather clothing, etc.).

The initials (pronounced ES) represent the words sadism – masochism. Sadism is the sexual arousal that results from causing pain to others. Masochism is the sexual arousal that results from painful sensory arousal. Sadists derive pleasure from flogging. Masochists derive pleasure from being the person being flogged.

Very popular, where the acronym means bondage, domination / discipline, submission / sadism and masochism. It is often used as an umbrella term, instead of “kinky”. Of course, this term can be misleading, because one may be kinky, but the pleasure he likes does not fall into this category.

Dom / Dominant

Many kinks enjoy the dominant-submissive sexual dynamics between two (or more) people. Dom takes control and the other person submits. The Sovereign is addressed as Lord, Master, Daddy, Boss, Coach, etc., while the woman is addressed as Lady, Lady, Mistress, Boss, etc. Never forget the first letter is a capital letter.

Sub enjoys entering into experiences that offer him the dynamics of power relations by experiencing the situation from the position of one who relinquishes all control of himself. He becomes a slave to the decisions of the other, a slave and a submissive.

Fist Fucking. This is, as its name implies, hand penetration. Trained fisters and fistees over time manage to achieve penetration starting from the fingers and reaching to the wrist, elbow or including both hands. A wrong move can be traumatic, so if you are thinking of trying it out, you should start slowly and without haste. Although it sounds extreme to many, fisting offers very strong orgasms and is one of the most intense experiences.

play is a role-playing game, where in a love experience where the Master and the submissive exist, the latter impersonates an animal. Ponies, kittens and dogs appear quite often, where the people who choose the role of an animal adopt movements, postures and sounds of real animals in nature and the Master is usually their owner. Although there is no rule for puppy play, here the difference in power between individuals is expressed loosely and playfully.

Candle Play Candles

are widely used in S&M practices and BDSM experiences. They are not a separate category in themselves. The hot candle causes a slight pain but leaves no marks and there is always this sadistic guy who wants to use them at some point.

Flogging is an S / M practice where the sovereign tortures his submissive with a whip with many tails, usually leather called a flogger. Depending on the intensity, flogging can range from a light back massage to a very painful experience.

Nipple Torture

This is a “torture” that focuses on the nipples, where needles, pegs, clamps and everything else that a nipple can grasp, causing slight pain. Of course, the hands and teeth can also achieve an equally intense effect.

Some masters of kinky games and BDSM experiences like to punish their victims. On the other hand, some victims are completely deliberately disobedient in order to be punished. Corporal punishment is a practice where the Sovereign uses spanking and paddling repeatedly until his victim complies.

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