Brainy is the new sexy

We all agree that we do not have the same tastes when it comes to our sexual partners. Others choose based on appearance, others based on career path and another based on age. And it is clear to everyone how much basis is given to the external appearance in our time… But, the personality traits of one also play an important role when it comes to being chosen as a partner. And more specifically, one ‘s intelligence can make him attractive and sexy.

The sapiosexuals, then, are those who have the mind , the way of thinking, the intelligence and in general, the productive use of the other’s brain as the dominant characteristic of attraction to a sexual partner .

In order to understand what defines these individuals, we start with the term, which comes from the union of the words sapiens (wise, rationalist) and sexual (sexual). It thus becomes clearer that sapiosexuals (or otherwise intelligent ) are those who have a sexual interest in and towards the brain function of others.

It all started in 2014, when dating site OkCupid used the term as a choice of sexual orientation for users. At this point, it is worth mentioning that, in our time, when social media is part of our daily lives and ‘thirsts’ for clever tricks and intelligent attitudes towards every scientist, it is a somewhat logical consequence that ingenuity and creative thinking still become most obvious features of each of us, since we express ourselves beyond the charming selfies.

If you are or have met someone sapiosexual…

·         The appearance

Most sapiosexuals state that features like appearance are not indifferent to them, on a first level. However, a characteristic is not enough if there is no mood and ability from the person they are interested in, to have a more substantial and spiritually demanding discussion, this is what will make them excited, longing, deeply fascinated by other.

·         Sex

These are not platonic situations and this needs to be mentioned. Just because a sapiosexual finds irritating discussions of philosophical interest does not mean that he wants to talk and not have sex. What actually happens is that just because someone will be so charming in their conversations, they will increasingly want to have sex with him, as this will excite him. Ultimately, what happens to sapiosexuals is that they want to have sex with the body that contains them and the mind that aroused them in the first phase.

· Reality or supposedly?

There are people who claim that sapiosexuals are nothing more than supposedly snobbish people who simply choose their partners in an unusual or exaggerated way, for no real reason. The answer to this comes from those who find intelligence charming, regardless of the other characteristics of their partner. More specifically, you will surely have heard someone be with someone who while he does not like as much as others, previous or next, had a special spiritual contact and he made them particularly charming. That is, it is known, even before we defined it as sapiosexuality, that intelligence and wit could fascinate.

Our sexuality is a very personal situation and for everyone it has a deeper meaning. As our personal development, as part of it, had our sexual development and therefore our love choices, everyone finds something charming that ‘leans’ on their own inner needs. Regardless of the sexual orientation that each of us has, what matters at the end of the day is to know what interests his sexual partner, to claim it and finally to enjoy it, satisfying his need for companionship and constantly learning better both himself and his partner. After all, what stays in the relationship when the first excitement with her beautiful eyes goes away and what stays in the relationship when the excitement of the first time you talked about philosophy goes away?

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