Women don’t have a weird “shoe craze”! They just know that you need the right shoe for every situation in life and that it has to be sharp high heels for those special moments. Special moments are not comfortable and cozy, for them you need an upright gait, self-confidence and a power that kicks every problem out of the way.

We at Boutique Bizarre know that too, we’ve been selling the sharpest shoes for all perfect kick-offs for over 25 years. And now the official statement has finally arrived on the Reeperbahn, diagonally opposite at Stage-Entertainment! A brilliant homage to the power of “kinky boots” – the successful Brodway musical from New York has been creating glitter, glamor and a sensation since the beginning of December – on darn high heels. No question, we are fans from the very beginning!

But that is not only due to the heels and because glitter chichi pollinates normal life so nicely. Not even on the pure musical charm that liven up a few nice hours. And certainly not in the “frivolous Reeperbahn ambience”, the idea of ​​which a teacher made my teenage daughter gasp when she happily told about the planned musical visit.

The frame story of “Kinky Boots” is quickly told: a run-down shoe factory is on the verge of ruin when the inexperienced junior boss happens to meet a drag queen and her six angels who are occupying space. This encounter gives rise to surprising plans, unimagined strengths and – with all the pitfalls to be expected – a beneficial alliance for the rescue of the ailing family business. So far so nice, but the real story of “Kinky Boots” is a completely different one:

The statement that is made here with fantastic dancers, singers, shrill stage people and the soundtrack by Cindy Lauper revolves around acceptance. About the right to be different, about individuality, about standing up, standing up, getting through. It is a great plea for diversity, the courage to stand up for yourself and others, to put everything on one card – and to go your own way with all that. Symbolically – or real – in heels that let you find the right place in life. On which you can laugh, cry and dance.

Kinky Boots is funky, moving and magical. A touching yeah! for the right to consistent self-determination, the obligation to honest tolerance and the legitimate claim to freedom and the chance to get the best out of one’s life. Also and especially far from the clocked norm, which only promises moderate happiness. It is a piece for longing people. And that there is a lot of it becomes evident evening after evening, when after 2.5 hours all the audience is knocked off their chairs. Standing ovations among the Hanseatic … that means a lot.

Incidentally, also among otherwise difficult to inspire teenagers. When it comes to these issues, they stand up and maybe even more for themselves in the future. This is why Kinky Boots is so incredibly right and important on the Reeperbahn: because the heart of St.Pauli beats for freedom, for tolerance and people who cannot be squeezed into any grid. Some are shrill, colorful birds. Neighborhood people, drag queens, magic rabbits. Some are like you and me and yet also completely different. Sometimes they wear kinky boots. Then:

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