BDSM is composed of the first letters of the English words “Bondage & Discipline” (shackles and discipline), “Dominance & Submission” (dominance and submission) and “Sadism & Masochism” (sadism and masochism). Bondage refers to bondage games with ropes, chains, hand and ankle cuffs, or playful punishment with pleasure and pain. With the success of the film “Fifty Shades of Gray”, the BDSM scene only became known and popular worldwide. Many women find themselves in the role of Anastasia Steele, who was looking for her dominant Mr. Gray. In BDSM there are usually two people who take on different roles to gain pleasure. The clear division of roles is important. There is an active, dominant role and a passive, submissive role. The active, acting part is also called the dom or top. The submissive, submissive role of sub or bottom. The submissive partner is usually fixed with shackles and accordingly “dominated” by the cathedral. This can be done by painful lashes; by means of a ball gag or through gentle pats with a feather tickler; happen. Both dom and sub will find exactly the right bondage accessory and BDSM accessories in our BDSM shop! Women who do the dominant part for a fee are called dominatrixes. For most BDSM games, the following applies: There should be a safeword or codeword. This signals that the other has to stop immediately. From whips, ball gags to whips and nipple clamps, everything is allowed in BDSM. In our BDSM shop you will find everything you need for a real BDSM session! “

Ouch! Our large selection of BDSM love toys

With our large selection of BDSM accessories and sexy bondage outfits, there is bound to be something that suits you. We offer you everything: From bondage sets and electrical stimulation, to bondage restraints and leather masks, to chastity cage penis cages. In the BDSM category bondage accessories you will find hot latex gloves and feather ticklers.

Bondage sets

In our bondage set category you will find selected BDSM kits for beginners and advanced users. The sets are characterized by their selection of bondage masks, bondage ropes, whips and restraints. They are available in soft “soft bondage” materials or made of real leather.

Electrical stimulation

Electrostimulation or e-stim is the term used to describe sexual stimulation using electricity. The current flow can be direct or indirect. With us you will find high quality and safe electrostimulation toys for him and her.

Shackles & gags

The must-have for a fun bondage game. With bondage shackles or handcuffs you can tie your partner anywhere. High-quality bondage handcuffs made of real leather or with noble gold chains. You can find ball gags or ball gags made of plastic or leather here at SALEXO. The matching bondage collar with leash should not be missing! All of our bondage love toys are available in many colors and designs.


Opaque or transparent bondage masks and blindfolds bring your bondage game to a new level of pleasure. With the right eye mask you can bring an incredible amount of eroticism into your personal sex dungeon. You can find latex masks or masks made of real leather in our BDSM shop.

Nipple clamps

The nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of the body in both women and men. This makes them perfect for stimulation using nipple clamps. These are equally suitable for beginners and advanced users. For beginners there are rubberized nipple clamps, for professionals there are nipple clamps with weights.

Bondage outfits

In our BDSM outfit category, fetish wishes come true: latex dresses, leather bodies, vinyl harness, bodies made of chains, and wetlook outfits. Lacquer, leather and latex! Exactly the right bondage outfit for hot BDSM games. Gray Velvet, Saresia and Sunspice Lingerie are our top brands for matching bondage clothing. Wetlook bodies, bondage catsuits and Co. are waiting for you.

Whips & Crops

Whip, paddle, crop, flogger … You can find everything here for real lovers of tingling pleasure pain! Discover our wide range of leather whips, wide paddles, riding crop whips and durable flogger whips today! Have fun spanking!

Penis cage

Perfect for keeping “him” in check! Hot penis cages made of leather, silicone, plastic, vibrating or completely chrome-plated. So he too gets his money’s worth in the BDSM game!

BDSM accessories

You can find feather ticklers, latex gloves and the matching PVC cover film and Co. in our BDSM accessories.

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